Hello my name Tiffany Wright.
If you ask me where I live I will simply answer with: "Inside of Arthur Kirkland, do you have a problem with that? No? Good."
I am in many fandoms but the three that have me hooked are Hetalia, Black Butler and Dangan Ronpa.
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My Black Butler theories.

So I came up with a few theories as a joke to give one of my friends some feels and while re watching Black Butler I began to realize how much they seem to work so here we go.

Sebastian is in some way linked to Ciel’s father Vincent Phantomhive and in some way Ciel’s mother Rachael Phantomhive:

So this was just to upset my friend at first because she was giving me some of her headcanons but now that I am re watching the series I realize how this could work for these reasons:

  1. Apart from Tanaka we don’t know anything about the servants who served in the Phantomhive Manor prior to Ciel becoming Earl of Phantomhive. Could one of those servants have been Sebastian in a different human form and with a different name?
  2. If you look carefully at Sebastian and Vincent they have similar features and characteristics. This might be the whole drawing style thing or the fact that Sebastian is meant to act fatherly to Ciel and therefore took on a similar image so that Ciel would feel calm.
  3. Vincent’s and Rachel’s soul could have still remained for sometime after his death, could that be important? One of my theories within a theory I suppose but this could be important. In the anime it shows that she merged Vincent and Rachel’s bodies so that they could be together, could that mean their souls also merged? And could Sebastian have come across said soul and devoured it, taking in aspects of Vincent and Rachel in his being for when he found Ciel? I, for one, believe this to be true.

Some of the things that happened to Vincent have happened to Ciel, so they might share the same fate:

This seems true as some of the places that Ciel has been and some of the cases that Ciel has had to take on are not dissimilar to what we know about Vincent:

  • In the second season of the anime when it came to the case of people randomly combusting the Queen says that she will ‘Once again leave the case to the dog and the spider.’ which means two things:
  1. This happened while Vincent was alive.
  2. This also means that Vincent most likely knew the old Earl Trancy, so were they friends or enemies?
  • In the manga Ciel goes to the same College that Vincent went to. This shows that Ciel has been going to the same places as Vincent, could that mean that their fates are intertwined somehow?
Sachiko Theories


I saw some Sachiko hate on the internet today, and I was going to hate on the haters by explaining why Sachiko is one of the most amazingly written characters of all time, but when I finished writing everything up, I’ve ended up explaining all of my theories on her so I guess I’ll just rename it Sachiko theories or reasons why she’s my pride and joy and I will always love her despite the fact that she doesn’t know me. I’m not going to rewrite the HUGE amount I’ve already and miss out loads of stuff I’ve already put, so please note that some of this will be out of place. Knowing my luck, all of this will be disproved in BloodDrive… But anyway, enjoy~

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